Red Cthulu Chair - Mansions of Madness

Red Cthulu Chair Barrier – Mansions of Madness


Red Cthulu Chair barrier token upgrade for Mansions of Madness.

Product Description


This is a red chair used to replace the barrier token in Mansions of Madness, the board game. The actual item being sold is the red chair shown in the image. The items shown are not included.

This is made out of clay and oven baked to cure. It is completely ready for use on the table in actual gameplay. This item comes in colored clay exactly as shown in the image. It is not painted, but it is paintable.

Using actual miniatures for the barriers are not completely necessary but they are an awesome upgrade to the game. Sometimes the little cardboard barrier tokens go unnoticed when strategizing moves. With these actual miniatures for the barriers, you are sure to always consider blocking up a door to keep the monsters back.


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