Mission Objective - Specter Ops

Mission Objective Tokens – Specter Ops


Mission Objective tokens for Specter Ops. This price is for 4 tokens.

Product Description


These little tokens are used as replacements for the cardboard mission objective tokens in the board game Specter Ops. These are hand made out of clay and oven baked to harden and made ready for play. Using these actual miniatures as the mission objectives makes them stand out on the table much more. Sometimes the flat little cardboard pieces are hard to see.

This price is for 4 tokens. The 4 tokens you receive may not be the exact ones shown in this image. They are all hand made and vary slightly. They are all very similar in color, shape and size.

When I use these in play, after an objective is completed, I lay the token on it’s side.

Although it is not necessary, they are paintable.


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