Portal Gate Holders – Pandemic Reign of Cthulu


Pandemic Cthulu

Pandemic Cthulu

Pandemic Cthulu

Pandemic Cthulu

Portal Gate Holders - Full Set

I designed these miniatures to be upgrades to the cardboard gate tokens used in Pandemic Reign of Cthulu, the board game. These particular pieces are actually upgrades as opposed to complete replacements. These portal figures actually sit in the gate locations on the game board while the gates are open. The cardboard tokens rest at the bottom of the board in their normal locations.

When the gates are closed, you place the cardboard gate token, X side up, inside this portal miniature. The opening on the top is designed so the cardboard chit will rest directly inside it to represent the closed gate.

The first I played the game, I noticed right away that sometimes the gate locations on the board are not 100% clearly visible. Having these actual portals in those locations really help create the setting and the gate locations are always very obvious.

These are sculpted out of polymer clay and over baked to harden so they are completely ready for actual play on the table.

Sneaky Alien #1

This piece is not made for any specific game. This is the first custom miniature in my Sneaky Alien series. There is some creature living among us who is too big to truly hide. We don’t know it’s intentionsĀ or what it really looks like but we know it has large tentacles and it likes to use the.

Obstacle Tokens – Descent 2e



These areĀ little rock/bolder and wood pile miniatures to be used as the obstacle tokens in Descent 2e. Typically in the game, these areas are represented by red borders on the tile. Sometimes these can be easy to overlook when strategizing so having and actual rock pile to set in these spaces not only adds to the look and feel, but it really makes it easier to see and strategize moves.

These are hand made out of clay and each and everyone is a unique in that way. They are all the same basic design with different colored rocks and boards making up a pile. I sculpt the pieces by hand and put together using liquid clay to ensure a strong bond. They are all baked and hardened so they are 100% ready for play on the table.

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Bookshelf Barriers – Mansions of Madness

I designed these bookshelves to specifically match the theme of Mansions of Madness. They can be used as the barrier token in both the original board game and the Second Edition.

Each one I make is 100% hand made using colored polymer clay. These bookshelves are baked to a hardened form allowing them to be completely playable on the table. They are also paintable.