This website is dedicated to the board gaming hobby and more specifically, hand made, clay miniatures. I genuinely  love everything about board games. I love the different designs, the artwork, the mechanics and all the strategies. I especially love how board games bring you into their world through miniatures and art and design.

I have always wanted to be a part of the board game world in a way that was more than just playing the games. One way I have done that is by creating my own upgraded tokens for specific games. There are a lot of wonderful board games that use some cardboard chits as tokens and sometimes, just artwork on tiles to represent tokens. In these games, I find specific items that could actually add to an already game. In other words, I do not spend a lot of time replacing miniatures that have already been made. My main focus is creating miniatures for items in games that do not have actual miniatures included in the game.

My pieces are not molds and are not cheaply thrown together by any means. I make every piece by hand, using polymer clay. I roll, sculpt, cut, carve and create every piece. I do make the same pieces many times, but each piece is still created by hand, and never by a mold.

Although I do enjoy painting miniatures, you will find I do not paint a lot of my clay pieces. I enjoy mixing clay to create colors that blend well right from the beginning. Clay in it’s original form has a certain beauty to it. That being said, I have and will still paint some of my clay minis, and they also look great.

All of my clay miniatures are baked to harden and cure and are all completely ready to use in actual gameplay. Although I consider them to be a very high quality, given that they are clay, and not plastic, they can break if they were to fall on a hard surface from the table. I personally use all my pieces and have never found it to be an issue. If you purchase any of my pieces, just take care of them and they can last you a lifetime.

As a final note, I try to keep more online store stocked with miniatures available for purchase. Considering that I do make everything by hand, it is not a huge supply that I can have available so I make everything on a first come first serve basis. I will take recommendations though. I love hearing suggestions and ideas of pieces I should add. If you have a suggestion or request, feel free to let me know. Any pieces I make based on suggestions, do not come with any obligation to purchase. I simply add them to my store, and anyone who wants them can buy them. So feel free to offer suggestions without feeling the need to purchase the items I make.